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Creative Drill Sergeants, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is committed to supporting military veterans through media production, workforce development and vocational skills training. Utilizing the expressive arts therapy model, our program aims to prevent homelessness and suicides among military veterans, providing them with the tools, training, and support needed to thrive in the media industry.
Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio, as part of the Creative Drill Sergeants 501(c)(3) family, are at the forefront of a new era in media. Through innovative content creation, a supportive environment for creators, and a strong commitment to community engagement, they are making a significant impact.
As they continue to grow and evolve, Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio are poised to set new standards in the media industry, all while supporting and empowering the communities they serve.
Creative Drill Sergeants can make a significant difference in the lives of military veterans, preventing homelessness and reducing the risk of suicide through our media production workforce development and vocational skills training program. By combining expressive arts modalities with comprehensive training, we aim to empower veterans to successfully reintegrate into civilian life and forge fulfilling careers.
Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio are integral parts of Creative Drill Sergeants. These platforms provide veterans with opportunities to apply their training in real-world settings and succeed in the media industry.